A Guide to Wellbeing for creating a calm and purposeful life.

Drawing on knowledge from the worlds of yoga, fitness, mindfulness and personal management, we are able to provide a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Enabling you to rediscover your balance.


In this practical programme, our wellbeing guide will introduce, explain and help to implement daily practices in order to achieve a new approach to life.

These practices include:

Yoga Philosophy

Personal management skills

Breathing techniques

Mindfulness methods

Health & Fitness routines




Whether you are suffering from anxiety, going through big changes or needing a little kick start, this programme is for you.

People come to the 6-Week Programme for many reasons e.g. mental health challenges; recent transitions regarding locations/work/relationships; health issues; or needing to reconnect with themselves. By committing to a 6-week programme, you are taking the first step towards making the change you need in your life.

The programme is open to all levels, so whether you are familiar with the practices we use or have never experienced them before, everyone will benefit from the heightened sense of wellbeing.

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." Arthur Ashe

Please note, we do not believe this programme should replace traditional treatments, but instead be used as a complimentary service to run alongside them.


This wellbeing course promotes awareness and growth, by providing an overview to many different practices, enabling you to experience them for yourself. 

By investing your energy in our weekly sessions, as well as the daily practices, you will feel your motivation and confidence increase by a new sense of purpose to achieve a positive attitude towards life.

This programme encourages us to explore our emotional awareness, cultivate a positive attitude and ask ourselves..."What is it you really want?"




Following the initial session and questionnaire, the subsequent sessions will be lead with your individual needs in mind. 

60min per week for 6 consecutive weeks, at a time that suits you.

Daily practices given as homework each week.

Course booklet and materials provided.

Based in Clapham Common.



75min per week for 6 consecutive weeks.

Daily practices given as homework each week.

Course booklet and materials provided.

Based in Clapham Common.

Max. 4 people per group.

£108 per person. 

2020 Programme Start dates:

Week Commencing: 13th January & 2nd March