• Natasha Oakley

Introducing Organised Chaos

So I had decided to give up my job, change my life (and my outlook) and focus on doing GOOD. Man, I was going to do GOOD. I would be the best GOOD doer the world had ever seen. That GOOD wouldn’t know what hit it.

However, I am not a doctor, or fire fighter, or parent or teacher or any number of people that dedicate their lives to looking after people and communities. And, if I am honest, I never will be, as I lack the endless patience needed for such a role.

Nope, I needed to look at my skill set and work with my strengths. Enthusiasm, working to deadlines, being active, having a relatively short attention span (yes that is in the strengths section!), organising chaos, having lots of projects on the go…hang on...back up one. Organising chaos. That might work.

Providing a service, that works on a PAYG basis, to help people with all the annoying tasks that can fill up their days and stop them from moving BOUNDing forwards.

Now, I know this concept is lost on some people, to quote my dad “I don’t get it babe” (said in a rough East London/Essex accent). But having been an Office Manager, a Private PA, a Marketing Manager and a Business Developer in previous lives, I knew the benefit such a service would have on individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Just imagine, you have a tax return to do, your gas bill is unexplainably enormous, you need the heel of your favourite shoes fixed, you want to know the best restaurant to take your in-laws to, your car needs an MOT, you need to create marketing material for your new venture, you need a last minute gift for a baby shower…now, instead of hyperventilating and anxiously eating an entire pack of biscuits, you can just call me. It’s like having another you, that deals with all the stressful, annoying or boring stuff.

And I bloomin’ love it! As the service works on an hourly basis, it means I am always working to a deadline. My tasks constantly change. I learn new things; I meet new people. And as the issues aren’t mine, I am able to deal with them efficiently without the emotions that can attach themselves to such tasks.

So, whilst I am not saving lives, I am making them slightly less stressful, and that’s definitely a GOOD thing.

And so, the Organised Chaos string of the BOUND bow was born.

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