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Time to introduce myself...

As the New Year makes us sit back and reassess, I thought it was a good time to introduce myself. Plus, after many confused faces, it seems like a good time to explain what the flibberdy-jib this eclectic creature BOUND is all about.

This may take a while, so i have split it into separate entries. So sit back, and relax as i tell you a story...

To start, I would like to quote a source of profound insight and knowledge… The movie: Spooks ‘For the Greater Good’...stick with me….in this movie one of the characters explains that, at some time in our lives we must decide; “To do well, or to do good”.

And before you start (uncle Rob I am looking at you), this isn’t the same thing just written using poor English. One refers to being successful, whilst the other refers to performing beneficial acts for others. This really resonated with me. Whilst working and travelling the world as an International Business Development Manager (yes, yes they do need capitals – it helps you to understand how busy and important I was), I was definitely doing ‘well’ in my career. A fact I constantly reminded anyone who caught a glimpse of my projects or travels on social media.

But was I doing good? Was I actually doing anything that was benefitting others? Helping people? Even just being ‘present’?

In my career, I was sure I was doing a ‘good’ job for the company, increasing profits, creating buzz and all that jazz. But stepping outside of this, was I actually doing ‘good’, for suppliers, consumers, the wider communities I was visiting? I’m not so sure.

As for my family and friends? Definitely not. My parents would be graced with my half presence every other week for a couple hours. My attention consistently split between them and the phone which never left my hand. To my friends I became a distant shadow, included in the group chats, full of whispered promises of definitely attending their birthday/BBQ/House Warming. In reality, my messages were the most they saw of me during this time.

There it was, I was doing well, living the life that looks great on Instagram but that has no real meaning. I knew instantly it was time for another Etcha-Sketch moment. This comes round every few years for me. I need to shake things up, change my view and start again. Obviously there were other factors at play here. And whilst I do make big decisions ridiculously quickly, I am not flippant in this regard. There were lists, gorgeous lists of all possible options and outcomes. But as this is my monologue, I shall write my own story and save you the extended soul searching that lead to my decision. So the decision was made, I need to change shizzle...but to what? How was I going to do this ‘good’ I’ve been harping on about?

Well, once again I shall refer to a quote I heard that changed my thinking, from another font of knowledge, YouTube. It was called: What if money were no object? (

It is basically asking you to imagine that you could make your life decisions based on what makes you happy rather than what makes you money. I know I know, people need money. We can’t all just live as unicorn groomers. But how often have you really, like REALLY, asked yourself what you love doing? So often we just following the path in front of us, rather than looking up and actually thinking about which direction we want to take.

So I set about trying to figure out what makes me happy: exercise, being outside, talking to people, being centre of attention, learning new things, organising, sorting – everything and anything - and of course, doing ‘good’. So how could I put all this together and create something meaningful.

BOUND: enters stage left

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