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New Starts: Moving out...Finally.

So apparently its time.

After 13 years, spent in 15 flats, in 4 countries…apparently, at the fledgling age of 31yrs, it is officially time for me to move out of ‘home’.

As you can imagine, this came as quite a shock. But, being the trooper I am, I have been powering through by doing the thing I do best, sorting!

Now the challenge here is not falling into the ‘I’ll just leave it at mum and dad’s’ trap that has basically been my existence since university. Hedging my bets by having one foot in my new life whilst keeping one foot firmly planted at home. And in hindsight, given now many ‘new lives’ I have had, this was actually quite a fortuitous outcome. Yet now, as my soul calms and I look to strength my roots instead of my wings, it seems only fair that I take with me all the **** I have accumulated along the way.

And actually this have provided the perfect opportunity to decide what I really want to take with me on my new journey.

Now, despite common opinion, decluttering isn’t about throwing everything away. It’s not about what you leave behind but about choosing what you want to take with you; what makes you happy, what brings a smile, a memory or reignites the motivation to achieve your goals. Now apparently the 50 photos of the back of the school bus no longer carry the significance they once did. But to my surprise, and sister’s dismay, the little yellow elephant crayon really does create a wave of comfort and nostalgia. And is now proudly framed and displayed, so I get to see it each day.

I will delve into the art of decluttering more in future posts but for now let’s stick with why New Starts and Decluttering go together like a break-up and new hair cut.

We must weed the garden in order to let new flowers grow. And I don’t just mean old Take That cds. “Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits” (Eleanor Brownn). So if you want a new start, clear out anything that holds you back or prevents you from really focusses on what lies ahead. Shake it off the thoughts, friendships and clutter that no longer make you happy, and see how much lighter you feel.

Now you can open your eyes, look up, and starting BOUNDing into your New ‘clutter-free’ Adventure.

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