50mins : From £39

If you can't always make class times or you are looking for something a little more tailored to your needs, then why not book some personal training sessions. Our wellbeing-focussed Personal Training sessions aim to keep you motivated as you train and challenge yourself. Coming to one of our sessions should never feel like a chore, but a treat you actually look forward to.

By letting someone else create your programmes and make the decisions, it means you can sit back (!) and enjoy the varied sessions, as you begin to feel the effects of moving your body and improving your inner strength. Depending on your goals (and mood!) sessions may include circuits, MMA, Barre, Yoga, distance running.

Training takes place outside, in a park or space that is convenient for you, as this helps us to connect with our environment and boosts our wellbeing before we even start moving! Of course, sessions can take place in your home, should you prefer.

Our holistic approach to training encourages you to forget what the scales say and focus more on the deeper reasons that have brought you to Personal Training e.g. maybe you lack motivation because you struggle to get enough sleep. Maybe you seek comfort in overeating because you are unhappy at work. Or hate the gym because you feel too self-conscious etc.

Once we have established these deeper triggers, we can then create a plan together which, along with your personal training sessions, may include homework such as improving sleep hygiene, keeping a food journal, or daily 10min meditations.


We do not believe in labelling our food, exercise or life choices as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, as this often only acts to create a negative energy surrounding our wellbeing. Instead our mission is to observe why we make these choices – without judgement – and, where necessary, work together to overcome these learned behaviours and create new habits.

​ All clients will receive a free consultation including fitness testing. Following your consultation, we will identify your goals and design an on-going programme to ensure you achieve them.

Want Personal Training sessions with a friend or group? Then why not arrange a partner or group PT session together?