It is great to go to a Yoga class or meditate to find your inner calm, but the benefits can quickly be negated if your house or office is in chaos. That is why we launched ORGANISED Chaos.

ORGANISED Chaos is designed to help you create a functional and fun system that really works for you, rather than the other way around. Many of us put off those annoying 'life admin' tasks or decluttering our spaces because the task just seems too big/boring/time-consuming/soul-destroying (delete as appropriate).

By using ORGANISED Chaos, you are able to delegate tasks, methodically sort through your possessions, or create a system that makes sense for the way you live your life. Once you have organised the chaos and decluttered your home, you usually find it is easier to then start decluttering your mind too!

The steps to getting your chaos organised...

The Light Bulb Moment...

When life admin starts to build up and you finally realise that you don't actually need to live in chaos.

Sometimes all it takes is an efficient system, a bit of decluttering or a second pair of hands, to turn chaos into calmness. ORGANISED Chaos is a professional, discrete and efficient service providing organisational support, at home and in the office.

The Cleanse...

This is the fun and therapeutic part. There are many reasons why people use ORGANISED Chaos, but the goals are usually the same - to regain control, restore order and reclaim the time they deserve.  So whether it's delegating tasks such as such as paying bills, running errands, passport applications (all that kinda jazz) or decluttering by keeping the things you love (Many of which you probably haven't seen for years because of all the clutter) and saying goodbye to the rest, you are finally creating space in your life for more of the fun stuff.


Whether you need to organise your office or declutter your home, ORGANISED Chaos can help to remove the stress and guilt created by living in chaos. 

And here is the best bit, Decluttering isn't just about making your life better, it can also benefit others. We will be there to help you sort the items you no longer want and send them on via Rubbish, Charity, Freecycle or eBay.

Live Happily Ever After...

Decluttering your surroundings also helps to declutter your mind, allowing for more clarity and a calmer existence.

And as ORGANISED Chaos works on a Pay As You Go basis, it ensures the service will be flexible, cost effective and hassle free. 

How it works...