Happy Soul Yoga's intention is to create as many Happy Souls as possible, both on and off the mat. We do this through Yoga + Mindfulness Workshops, Work-Place Yoga classes, Celebration Yoga sessions, and 1-2-1 practices.

One of the ways we try to achieve this is to make yoga accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We understand yoga classes can sometimes feel intimidating, filled with people that have been practising for years and just hang out in headstands all day.

That is why HSY aims to be a bridge for those new to the mat; allowing them to gently take their first steps on this wonderful path we call Yoga, in an environment that feels 

non-judgemental and welcoming. 

Similarly, for those who are already on their yoga journey, we want to provide a positive space where you can develop your practice. Feeling equally comfortable to spend the classes challenging yourself or resting in child's pose, depending on what your body needs.

For more information go to www.HappySoulYogaClapham.co.uk or click on the  link below...