Group Classes

It is a well known fact that people are 50%* less likely to bail on exercise if they have committed to a class. Plus if you are short on time, then it's the best way to combine exercise, socialising and even making friends with colleagues. 

Are you and your friends looking for something fun to do?

Does your work place need a little boast?

Would you like to arrange a class for you and your neighbours?

Are you longing for a class that suits your timetable?

Then what are you waiting for? Contact us today, to discuss arranging your own classes.

*Figures may have been completely fabricated.


BOUND at the Barre is a creative class using elegant Ballet movement as inspiration for a total body workout.

Classes are aimed at beginners, with the emphasis being on having fun, as you release stress and feel energised.

Barre is designed to sculpture your body, creating long, lean limbs, whilst also improving your strength, flexibility and balance.

Classes include an introduction to fundamental Barre moves, elegant stretches where you can channel your inner ballerina, conditioning, intense cardio blasts and flexibility stretches.

This is a great workout for all fitness levels and requires no dance background.

mindful fitness yoga

Mindful Fitness Yoga uses the influence of traditional Yoga and contemporary fitness, to deliver and illustrate some of the fundamental themes of Mindfulness.

In these classes, expect a calming yet energising class, as Natasha quietly and mindfully encouarges students to realise their own potential in body and mind.

Classes include Sun Salutations, repeated sequences focusing the mind, with balancing postures and floor stretches developing inner strength, closing with mindfulness relaxation.

This is a wonderful class for anyone looking to strength both body and mind, and taken some much needed timeout for themselves.




No time to exercise during the week? Then why not arrange for a BOUND Circuit class to come to your office. We can train you and your colleagues before, during or after working hours. All we need is a boardroom or meeting space.