BOUND Around

Imaging combining a HIIT workout, a city tour and a mindful jog...if you can imagine that then you can imagine our BOUND Arounds.

We understand you are all very busy and important people, so we thought we would kill 3 birds with one workout (obviously no birds are actually killed during the making of BOUND Around).

 Besides, exercising should be more than just pounding away on a treadmill, punishing yourself for what you have eaten! Instead it should be a celebration of movement, your body and your surroundings. BOUND Around aims to reconnect you with yourself, the world around you and with nature. So whether you are in London for work, looking for a team building activity, or just wishing to try something different, let us lead you through the streets of London.


Contact us to discuss arranging a BOUND Around to suit your needs.

Turn up

Often the hardest part!

Meet at the appointed place 5mins before your BOUND Around time. Be dressed for the weather and ready to workout.

*Clothes may get muddy.


Depending on your needs, BOUND Arounds are a 30/45 minute HIIT workout that makes you move your body, using urban architecture for HIIT along the way. Expect to jog, expect to work hard, and expect fresh air!

BOUND to learn

Along the way, we will be firing facts at you about the area. So not only do you get outside and a workout, you also get better at Trivial Pursuit!