BOUND. is a range of services aimed at getting you to stop shuffling and fighting against the elements of modern life. But instead starting to look up, enjoy life and BOUND. forwards.

Each service can be used independently or as part of a combination of services.

Noun: bound; plural noun: bounds

'A leaping movement towards or over something'.

Life can be full of stresses and obstacles e.g. too much clutter, time management issues, the constant guilt of an unused gym membership, an underlying anxiety that runs through our relationships, the feeling of never enough time, plus just general boring 'Life Admin'. 

Sometimes even the fun stuff begins to feel like a chore when you are so hectic.

Whilst we don't promise to eliminate all these stresses, we do believe that by using one, or a combination, of our services you will be able to bring a sense of balance (and joy!) back in to your wellbeing as you stop struggling against obstacles and instead start to bound over them.

Verb: bound

'Walk or run with leaping strides'.

We mean this both physically and mentally. Total health refers to the optimal function of the mind, body, spirit and emotions. And if you just rolled your eyes at the mention of 'emotions', then you definitely need BOUND in your life!

Whilst Personal Training and Yoga encourage the physical aspect of our health, all our services are designed to compliment each other to encourage total health, so you feel ready to bound into the world.